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20 June
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i'm julie. this is my life. enjoy. i love melanie.

craig is oh-so-hot love

clay aiken is dorky love

converse are classic love

aida is forbidden love

ultimate fandom is the greatest love of all

AI season 2 is totally talented love

hilary duff is a moron and is NOT love

avril is CRAZY love

coach is designer love

degrassi is "dating each other" love

degrassi is addictive love

drake bell is "rising star" love

gemini is double the love

bush is retarded and NOT love

ipod is AMAZING love

jack sparrow is infamous love

jimmy eat world is JEW love

klaus is genius love

mary kate and ashley are twin love

rupert's shirts are clever and nifty love

paige is "i'm the coolest girl in school" love

phantom of the opera is mysterious love

rupert grint is ginger love

scrubs is "the funny" love

simple plan is rocker love

spinner is "i need a haircut" love

theatre is pure love

british curse words are super fun love

napolean dynamite is flippin sweet love and i already told you GOSH!